Editor's Note:

Editor’s Note

November! Last week a radio announcer told how many days until Christmas and I nearly fell over. How could it be? Time scampers from us. Children grow out of their clothes, learn new phrases, stun us with their wisdom and worry us with what we know they don’t know. Note to self: Enjoy everything and make great memories!

Check out the Harvest Festival—there’s one in San Mateo, November 13–17 at the Event Center and one in San Jose, November 27–29 at the Convention Center. If you can’t get to one, get to the other. Everything is hand crafted and made in America. There will be food, live music, strolling performers and more. It’s a blast and will launch you into the holiday spirit. Note to self: Decorate more this year. Start earlier. Involve the kids. Make it a party.

We have some great articles this month. Last month we had an article giving you five tips to reduce job interview stress and this month it’s “You’ve Got the Job Interview— Now What?” (If you missed last month’s issue, you can find the October issue online at www.ponthep.com.) Career coach Lisa Quast gives us eight ways to prepare for a job interview. She covers things like anticipating questions, doing practice interviews and reading body language.

Don’t miss “10 Reasons to Hire a Sitter this Holiday Season.” Author and expert Lynn Perkins has some fabulous suggestions. I love the one about sharing a sitter! Then the kids have more fun and you and your friends can save a little money. Also check out the suggestion to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your friends on a different night—easy to get a sitter and you avoid the crowds. Awesome! Note to self: Nail down some dates and reservations now!

This month “Preschool Parent” shows us some out-of-thebox renegade rules for raising kids. There is always our desire to curb the anti-social tendencies of our children (biting, hitting, lying, yelling, etc…) by gently but firmly teaching ways to cope with the disappointments in life. But does it work? We all want our children and grandchildren to become competent and compassionate. How do we accomplish it?

Do you have a strong-willed problem child? Check out expert Cynthia Klein’s article “Win Cooperation with Your Strong-Willed Child.” She will turn around your thinking and change the little things all of us tend to say, which will increase your influence as a parent.

Note to self: It’s nice that we have a publication like Parenting on the Peninsula as a vehicle to share and learn ways to parent.

The holidays are upon us! I hope your “note to self” will be to enjoy these times with your family, create some wonderful memories and not to stress out when things don’t go exactly as you plan. Those unplanned events, mishaps and change-ups are also memories. And sometimes the best ones.


—Tory Hartmann


Coach's Corner:

7 Ways to Burn More Fat

Ready to burn your way to a leaner you? Dropping fat tends to be a tedious process that’s slow and steady. There are, however, seven ways to add an extra boost to your results. Keep reading to find out how…

Boost Your Burn #1: Track How You Feel Counting calories, weighing out food portions and keeping tabs on how far and fast you run isn’t the most important thing to do. What is important is understanding what foods make you feel your best and what foods cause you pain. Without tracking your intake and how it makes you feel, you will never be able to figure out the weaknesses in your fat-burning program. Check out my Nutrition Record Sheet to track your food and lifestyle in the resource area at www.BrienShamp.com.

You’ve Got The Job Interview; Now What? 8 Ways to Prepare From A Career Coach

When it comes to landing the job of your dreams, there are so many ways to go wrong in your efforts—including deciding on the right career path,” says career coach Lisa Quast.

“A few years ago, many professionals were happy simply to have a job as we slowly recovered from the economic meltdown of 2008-2009, which signified years of an ‘employer’s market,’” she adds. “But in 2015, employees have more options, including more jobs in their field, and many are considering other fields, too.”

The Doctor is in:

Winter Itch

As winter begins to creep in, people start using heaters in their homes. This leads to drying out the air and often triggers itchy skin in children. Eczema is a chronic and miserable condition that many people suffer with. Most people can control it with over-the-counter lotions but for some people, it is a horrible, life-altering condition. I hope that with some simple lifestyle changes, the winter itch can be more tolerable.

Middle School Mom:

Win Cooperation with Your Strong-Willed Child

Most parents of strong-willed children find them very challenging. Parents have conflicting desires between wanting easy-going children, so they will do what they are told, and at the same time, strong-willed kids, so they will stand up for themselves and not be swayed by negative influences. Since this duo personality doesn’t exist, it’s best to first learn how strong-willed children think and how your language could be triggering more power struggles than necessary.

Race to Believe

It’s time for the 8th Annual Macy’s Believe Campaign! Join the Race to Believe and help make wishes come true for Bay Area kids with life-threatening medical conditions. For every letter to Santa dropped off in the big red letterbox at your local Macy’s store or sent online at macys.com/believe, Macy’s will donate $1 to Make-AWish®, up to $1 million! All around the country, schools and kids of all ages are writing letters as an easy and inspiring way to give back.

Go-to Grandma:

How to Talk to Your Grandchild

Remember the days before unlimited free phone minutes? Three-minute long distance phone calls cost a fortune, so we kept our conversations short and to the point. Fortunately, we now have unlimited phone minutes because my two granddaughters and I often talk for over an hour!

Preschool Parent:

Renegade Rules—a Positive, Out-of-the-Box Approach to Child-Raising

Two young children are arguing over a toy and the adult in charge takes on the role of “detective/ referee” attempting to solve their problem. She interrogates them: “Whose toy is it?” “Who had it first?” “How long did you have it?” And the final question— “Why can’t you both just share?”

POP Picks:

POP Picks: Book Recommendations

Holidays surrounding the winter season—often centered on the winter solstice, the longest night of the year which occurs between December 20 and 22—have been celebrated for hundreds of years. December is not only the month in which Christians celebrate Christmas, it also includes spiritually significant days for Jews (Chanukah), Muslims (Ashera), Buddhists (Bodhi Day) and African Americans (Kwanza), as well as the relatively new cultural celebration of Festivus, a day “for the rest of us.”

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Sitter as the Ultimate Holiday Helper

A good babysitter is always worth her weight in gold, but never more so than during the busy holiday season. She can be your lifeline and save your sanity in more ways than you may realize. While you’re penciling in invitations and commitments and wondering how you’ll pull it all off this holiday season, consider hiring a sitter to give you a hand in helpful ways that you may not have considered. Here are the top 10 reasons to book a sitter during the holidays: