Parking Lot Politics


Posted by Mia Kelly, Elementary Mommie-on-the-Run | Posted in Kirsten Patel | Posted on 20-05-2010

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Okay, so my kid asked me the other day “Why do you moms always hang out it the parking lot in the mornings? My teacher says you are all out there gossiping!” Gossiping? Well I guess you could call it that. Our topics of conversation vary with the time of year. Right now we are ‘gossiping’ about next year, what to expect from the teachers our kids will have next year, what the school projects will be, good ideas for science fair projects, how many dresses your daughter will need for graduation year, what play will they do for their final year, what summer programs are good, etc.

The list goes on and on. Moms are a wealth of information. In fact, our school would fall apart without the parents. There would be no sports programs, no fundraisers, no art, no helpers in class, no field trips, no recess, no wednesday folders, no dances, and no Smart Boards in the classrooms.

The school parking lot isn’t just a place to park or drop off your kids. It’s a board room. It’s where we parents hold meetings to coordinate where and who our children will be with after school, where we organize fashion shows, school plays, teacher celebrations, and auctions. We deliver money to coordinators, solicit committee members, organize food drives, and book fairs. We meet new parents and show them the ropes, discuss how to raise our children, and we give and receive advice.

I heard on the news recently about a school in the Bay Area that raised $2,000,000.00 to save their school from any cutbacks. I’ll bet that was a conversation that started with a bit of gossip in the parking lot.

I’m not saying that we don’t gossip about day to day events. But sometimes gossip turns into a movement for change and if you want something changed… just ask a mom.