We Have a Reader!!!


Posted by liafreitas | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 02-11-2010

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As a former educator, I haven’t pushed LG to do much academically. I knew that she would learn in her own time and that by the end of kindergarten she would be reading.  I didn’t care if she knew how to read before because really????  We do have some starter reading books and we sit down and practice every so often for as long as LG wants to do.  The minute she is done, I put them away because I don’t want to burn out her love of learning.

When LG was 2 she knew her letters and all their sounds.  Before you think she is a genius, there is this great video called The Letter Factory!  Yep, she learned from a video!!!  Take that!  I used to laugh when people were so impressed that I worked with her because while we sang our A,B,C’s, etc. I didn’t do that much with her.  Around age 3 we moved on to the Talking Words Factory and she started learning to sound things out.  She also started doing this in preschool.  I watched her working to sound out words she saw and to learn to recognize common things like, “exit,” “push,” “pull.”  It made me happy!

Each week, LG brings home a book every Monday that they make in school.  Last night we sat down to read a few of her books she has brought home from school.  I was THRILLED at the amount she could read on her own!!!  Now, I have my panties in a bunch to set her off reading.  haha!  I am still going to try and take a back seat and let her guide the process but I think I am going to be a bit more proactive in getting her to help me read.

I want to foster a lifelong love of learning.  I firmly believe the way to do this is to let your children guide the process.  There is nothing like burning your kids out on learning before the are 5!