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Have you ever looked back and considered what sparked the path that you chose to take?
Life is made up of a number of choices and consequences. And, as I often tell my kids, some are positive and some are negative. Here are some positive “snapshots” of my journey to this place!

Spark…a high school trip to Mexico
Ignite…a heart for the poor, the homeless, the orphans,
Explode…current family now walking down a path towards adoption!
As the newest Mommy Blogger here , I love shared stories.  I love how we can encourage and inspire and help one another along the journey.  So, I get the honor/ challenge of opening up a window into our lives on this path that we are on toward adoption.  I certainly will not presume to be any kind of expert, but will transparently share what I am experiencing as we have completed the paperwork, homestudy and now await placement.

Spark…an email sent to me as I studied abroad in Spain
Ignite…a relationship cultivated, a proposal accepted
Explode…Nearly 10 years of marriage and still learning more about my “HUNNIE” every day.
I get to share my life with my best friend as we walk this road to adoption together. I am so proud of him, and thankful for what a great, Great, (did I say) GREAT father that he is.

Spark…a surprise positive pregnancy test (followed by months of migraines)
Ignite…a healthy baby boy (who has a handsome name, but will henceforth be called Brother Bear, which I call him. Though his sister calls him, “Bubsy” and at one point he gave himself the nickname “Joonyer”- spelled phonetically, of course.)
Explode…a second grader who is into all things sports and superheros, sweet and sensitive, passionate about justice, quietly comical and full of heart.

Spark…a desire for Hunnie to finish school and a sad day leaving all our family in Las Vegas
Ignite…after a year in Pasadena, a job offer in Foster City, and a move to Nor-Cal
Explode…now, completely in love with living in the Bay Area and exploring new restaurants in each city (yes, we are foodies), hiking by the ocean, the bay, the redwoods or pretty much any trail and enjoying the great community of friends that have become like family to us.

Spark…another positive pregnancy test (followed by months of morning sickness…again)
Ignite…all worth it for baby girl (who has a beautiful name, but will henceforth be called Sister Bear, which is what i sometimes call her. Although many others call her “Lulu”, which is her ‘official’ nickname, or Squirrel.) Disclaimer: I actually have a ton of nicknames for my kids, expect to see me refer to them as random things like “muffinheads”, too!

Explode…a four-year-old full of songs and dances, labelled “strong-willed”, passionate about getting her way, yet full of snuggles and laughter each day

Spark…a box full of journals in our garage, years of expressing myself through writing just to get things out of my head
Ignite…a desire to read, write and enjoy a hobby, while the family has their eyes glued to the latest ball game.
Explode…an invitation to write here, share my stories and hopefully encourage someone along the way.

Excited to share more in the coming weeks about what has ignited my passion for adoption and I truly hope this can be a conversation.  Looking forward to hearing about what has sparked your journey as well!