Next Year We’re Skipping It


Posted by Kirsten Patel, Elementary Mommie-on-the-Run | Posted in Kirsten Patel | Posted on 23-12-2010

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Christmas traditions. I’ve really been trying to slow down this year and enjoy some lovely holiday moments with my kids. We’ve done crafts, they helped me write out my cards, we’ve baked, they practically decorated the tree themselves, and we’ve had endless cups of peppermint hot cocoa.

But there is one tradition I really could do without, and that is the trip to visit Santa. I never liked it when I was a kid either. I always felt awkward sitting on his lap, pretending he was the real Santa and telling him what I wanted for Christmas. Blech.

But then I became a mom and I dressed my little twin babies up in their fancy dresses and took them to the mall to get a picture with Santa. I only wish I could find that photo somewhere. As the kids got older they started to dread the visit to Santa as much as I did. This is one of my favorites.

Raj would not even turn around to look at the camera and the girls would only go near the guy if I was in between. After this there were a couple of years where Raj would not go within five feet of Jolly Old St. Nick.

Santa came to his preschool and this was the best I could get.

Last year he decided he wasn’t scared anymore and he had several things he wanted to be sure to let Santa know he wanted to see under the tree on Christmas morning. And voila! A picture! With smiles even!
This year I really was not looking forward to it. My kids were sort of meh about the whole thing, but I decided on a whim to take them one day after school. And I find the result quite priceless.

Note my daughters fine fashion sense. Her idea of picking out an outfit in the morning consists of grabbing the most comfortable shirt and pants she can find in her closet. Two sets of different colored stripes? No problem! Comfort is key. And is it me or does Santa look a little bored? pissed off? annoyed? My other daughter refused to take off her jacket.
Did you notice my son’s shirt?? Same as last year. Awesome. If I am going to repeat clothing year to year, I could at least do it with a little class no?

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