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Welcome to POP’s little corner of the web!  We are happy you are here and ready to go on this ride with us.  Right now we are off and running with 2 bloggers and looking for a few more.  If you might be interested in blogging for us and you are a mom of twins or a parent of a child with special needs, drop me an email at lia@ponthep.com.

Monday’s you will find New Mommy Gina Perkin’s talking all about life with her beautiful seven month old.  What is it like to be a new mom?  What do you do with all the unsolicited advice you receive?  How is she getting back into shape?  If you are a new mom and you understand the pain of no sleep or the frustration that goes along with a new baby you will want to check her out.

Tuesday’s Lia Freitas will be here talking about experiences with a newly turned five year old daughter who is about to embark on the adventure of kindergarten.  Choosing a preschool or choosing a kindergarten, what is important?  Did you realize that a preschooler could throw such amazing tantrums?  Getting back into shape after falling off the wagon?

We are hoping that you will engage us with comments and questions.  We know the things WE are dealing with but what are YOU dealing with?  I am sure we have gone through something similar and it would be great to share and learn from each other.  What would you love to hear about?  Let us know!

As always, you can check out the Parenting on the Peninsula website for lots of great resources.

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