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Raising children is much harder than it seems.

You change their diapers and carry them around in the backpack.

And then you blink.

In her senior year alone, I have ziplined with her 300 feet

above the Northern California Redwoods.

Be a fantastic Maid of Honor to her sister Merenda

at her wedding.

Baked my birthday cake from scratch.  A beach scene.

With sand made from crushed Butterfingers, beach chairs made of sticks of gum, and lifesavers made from, well, lifesavers.

The most amazing thing was not the way it was decorated, though brilliant, but rather how it tasted.

I don’t know when it hit me.

Was it when she had her Say Anything moment with Corey Feldman at the Lost Boys anniversary movie event on the beach at Santa Cruz;

or when we were picking pumpkins at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival;

or when I saw her carve the Poltergeist tv scene with aforementioned pumpkin;

or when we picked apples in the orchards at Apple Hill;

or when she was studying at her favorite local park…
You want to stop time.  You don’t want the moments to stop.

And then you realize, that is…


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Okay, totally teary eyed. That was beautiful. Feelin’ the love. Now I’m gonna go peek on my almost 3 year old little girl while she sleeps.

Oh Len, I love this! So thoughtful, and heartfelt.

Thank you ladies. It seems like just yesterday…

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