Then and Now


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  • 4pm-9pm: disco nap
  • “Let’s go to The Red Onion first. I know the bouncer.”
  • Red Solo Cup full of Amaretto Sour while getting ready
  • CD player blasting Rob Base, Marky Mark or The Steve Miller Band
  • Getting ready: hair in Velcro rollers, lots of fake lashes and glitter,l layer upon layer of MAC pressed powder, bright red lipstick and lip liner
  • Tuxedo jacket + black push-up bra = top
  • 6-8 long necklaces (the “Chanel” look)
  • No purse – lipstick, money, the credit card with room on it and drive


  • 4:00pm slam double espresso so you can stay awake during dinner
  • “No, that restaurant is too loud. Do they have valet parking?”
  • Frantically charging cell phone in case babysitter needs to call
  • Muppets movie on TV so kids stay out of your hair while getting ready
  • Getting ready: parting hair to cover grays, no pressed powder – it settles into the wrinkles, applying lots of concealer, light pinkish-brown lipstick
  • Purse large enough to hold wallet, phone and umbrella in case it rains
  • Support bra
  • 2 layers of Spanx



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This made me laugh so hard! I looked at my wardrobe the other day and literally said, aloud (and alone) – “How did I get here?”. Once upon a time, I was pretty hot (or so I thought!) – now, I’m all frump!

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