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I’m convinced the world has turned on its side.  Not because the axis if flipping or because the solar flare storm coming around 2012 is early, but because of all the weight cell phone texting seems to carry these days.

No lie!  Here’s my reasoning.  If a text arrives on my daughter’s cell phone, it doesn’t matter whether she’s eating dinner, won $5000 on a scratcher, or just got accepted to Stanford; the world stops and the text is read and responded to.  Now, if the world stopped, that would be reason to believe it’s turned on its side, right?!

Here’s another one.  I’m in a movie theater.  The movie IS playing.  It IS dark.  I paid $11.50 for the ticket, another $28.00 for food and drinks and I AM paying attention.  A cell phone goes off.  The light on the cell is not only luminating about 1/3 of the theatre, but it has little twinkling lights that spin around the phone to alert everyone to Defcon 1 that there is something that must be read and responded to!  The world stops and the response commences.  Alert reduced to Defcon 4.  The world is on its side.

I’m at a funeral.  Oh yes.  You see where this is going?  No, sadly, you only think you do.  Let me explain.  It is an open casket funeral.  The widow is saying good bye to her husband, leaning over him and crying.  A cell phone goes off.  Lights.  Noise.  5 seconds.  10 seconds.  20 seconds.  Silence.  Voices.  Reading aloud.  A huddle takes place amongst 3 teens and they scurry up the aisle and out of the building.  Awkward, dead silence.  Horror.  I have no idea what just happened, but apparently the world stopped.  And the world was on its side.

Now, when I went to school, I was taught that gravity played an important role in our existence on this earth.  And so it does.  Without it, we can not function properly.  We can not eat.  We can not walk.  We can not breath.  And yet the cell phone seems to break all these rules of physics.

My children have begun to learn the importance of a little ‘gravity’ in their lives.  When we are eating together, no matter where we are or what time of day it is, the cell phones are not answered.  When we are watching a movie together in a theatre, the cell phones are off.  When we are in church, they are off.

So, I’m happy to report that there are a few things that seem to trump those texting machines.  The gravity of certain situations far outweigh a text.  All you have to do is ask for a little gravitas.  And a little gravity never hurt anyone.

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Okay the funeral is bad – and the other times are just annoying. We turn our phones off all the time. I have to say though you sound like my Dad – he claims the problem with the world is that girls now call boys on the phone (gasp right?) and may even initiate a date. He seems to forget I called boys on the phone. ;)

LOL I sound like your Dad? Not sure how to take that ;) The girls contacting boys on the phone isn’t terrible and cell phones certainly have their place, but they need to call in Miss Manners and educate people on when it’s appropriate and inappropriate to use them – and even how to use them without being offensive to others. I just thought I’d put a slightly humorous spin on an increasingly growing pet peeve for many, I think.

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