Period, yay!


Posted by Olivia Adams, Mommie-to-be | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 03-10-2010

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Just when I was giving up hope again, my period came! I was already past the 7th day and was supposed to pick up my meds, but I wasn’t feeling well all week, we’ve been busy doing lots of home stuff, and I was working. I did have some leftover progesterones from when I had to take both the progesterones and estradiols, so I figured that would work.

I had dinner with my husband and I was worried about me forgetting to pick up the pills Friday night, when I went to use the bathroom and there it was….period! I know this sounds ridiculous, me getting excited over a period, but I was. I was getting so worried, since my period hadn’t come.

Next steps is to get a blood test on the 3rd day. I plan on going this week to get that done. Once that is complete, the hubby and I will have to watch a video or go in to attend a class about the correct way to have birth. The hubs and I find this rather humorous, I mean c’mon, we KNOW how to have birth. It’s really not my fault that my brain won’t tell my eggs to ovulate. We’ll be watching the video shortly, so I can’t wait to blog about this. Stay tuned…

So we haven’t watched the video yet because I looked at the checklist and I have to do another blood test in a few weeks.  I don’t want to procrastinate, but better get a few more things done.  I went to get my blood test.  Holy crap! I had to fill up 7 tubes! I just hate going in to get my blood taken out.  Having to sit there and watch the needle prick me and fill up the tubes with my blood.  It always seems like they are taking out so much.

A few days later, I got my results.  Not too sure what they mean but hopefully, after I do another blood test and watch the videos, I can meet with my doctor and make some sense out of them.

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