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Well it’s mid-October and Autumn is trying to arrive.  The sun continues to insist on hanging around and push heat around.  It really doesn’t matter what the weather is like during the season because with the oncoming months come the holidays.  Hallow e’en, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.  And with those holidays, come the affairs.

No, not the adulterous kind, but rather the school affairs, or events.  The sports events never let up, but rather compete with other events like Homecoming, holiday dances, and college tests and applications.

These affairs have numerous effects on the teens and the outcomes are as unpredictable as they are unexpected sometimes.

Some teens step through these celebrations because they are a ‘tradition’ that must continue while others will use them as platforms for competition for attention.  They will compete to see who will arrive in the most expensive car or limo; to see who will wear the most expensive designer dress or the least amount of clothing and look the sexiest; who will arrive with who to appear higher on the social ladder.

Some teens go because they actually like to dance.  They want to have fun with their latest crush, boyfriend or girlfriend.  Some really love anything that has to do with their favorite holiday and just want to participate in the social aspect of it.

During my many years of being a Total Teen Dad, I’ve seen my teens go through many of the different emotional aspects that come with these affairs.  I’ve heard them say it wasn’t what they were hoping for; it was lame; the date sucked; they were tired of getting groped and grinded on.

Disappointment.  Sadness.  Discouraged.  Anger.

True, these affairs can bring all of these emotions.  Terrible, isn’t it?

Don’t fret.  Aside from these emotions, there were others that, as a dad I have had the chance to enjoy as well.

I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy giving the dates the third degree while trying to reenact the dating scene from Bad Boys II (too graphic to link to – it’s a family blog!); seeing them dressed up in a beautiful dress or a handsome suit; or seeing their smiles when they come home and talk about how nice they were treated or how great the food and music was.

For the most part, the good experiences outweigh the bad ones.  And the teens always seem to learn something important during these traditions that continue on.  The traditions may get carried out a bit differently, but the important thing is, they still exist.  They link our past to their present.  They connect us.

And that IS life.

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