Payback’s a *****


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When my children tell me stories about their days at school, sometimes I’m appalled about the complete disregard and disrespect some of the students display – not only in their classrooms, but in their daily lives as well.

In the last week alone, I have heard stories of kids taking phone calls in class, telling the teachers to shut up, and refusing to participate in group labs in the classroom.  Worse, teachers are not subjecting them to any consequences for their actions and students in the classroom who actually want to learn something are suffering.

Not only is there disrespect for the teachers, but the long-standing student classes have broken down as well.  Freshman newbies could care less about respecting their elder classmen.  A 14 year old freshman girl picked a fight with a junior classmate during a science lab and then twenty minutes later asked the junior her opinion on whether or not she (the freshman) needed to stop taking drugs and drinking just because she was pregnant at 14.  She didn’t think she should have to and didn’t think it would make a difference.  Besides, she was just going to have it taken care of anyway.

Teachers and administration are aware of these situations, but seem to feel helpless in dealing with them.

In POP’s September 2010 issue, an article “San Mateo Says No to Bullying”, which you can read here or here, addresses a lot of these kinds of issues and has great resources listed on how to begin to deal with them.

What I find most interesting is this:

  • Either the parents know about their children’s behavior and are perfectly fine with it or;
  • The parents don’t know anything about their children’s behavior

Either way, it’s scary to me.  The lack of parenting morals and values may seem like an okay thing to tolerate for now, for some, but the payback, or lack thereof, twenty years down the road when our children will be taking care of business for us will be an even higher cost to pay.