The End is Near


Posted by liafreitas | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 01-06-2010

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When LG was 3 months old, I joined a new mom’s group at El Camino Hospital.  It changed my life.  Seriously.  The first 3 months of being a mother, I was drowning in a sea of emotions.  I was worried about everything.  Is LG eating enough?  Is she sleeping enough?  Am I using the pacifier too much?  I was a mess.

Our mom’s group was run by a nurse.  We had the chance to share what was going on with each of us and bounce ideas off each other.  Our leader also had a topic each week that she would share.  It honestly transformed my motherhood.  Not only did it help me feel like I was doing the right things, but suddenly I had all these friends with the same aged babies to help me!

Five years later most of us are still friends.  I have often heard that people get involved in mother’s groups and that they ended up breaking into small groups of those women they most connected with.  My group wasn’t like that.  We all seemed to stick together no matter how different we were.  Some moms nursed until their kids were 3, something that I couldn’t fathom doing, but I didn’t judge and we just knew we were different in that way.  Some moms went back to work and came to things when they could and we always welcomed them back with open arms.  We were a family.  We still are.

With kindergarten approaching, things are about to be very different.  Many of our kids are in preschool together.  Next year, none of our kids will be in school together.  Our Tuesday and Thursday play dates that we continue 5 years later will be no more.  It will be much harder to find time to spend together but I know that we will all still be there for each other.

These women have become my community.  They are my “peeps.”  They are who I turned to when I wasn’t sure how to potty train.  They are who I complain to about LG’s 5:45 a.m. wake time.  They are the best listeners and my best advocates.  They remind me that I am a great mom even when I want to turn in my mom badge.

I can’t wait to see what the next 5 years hold for us even though we won’t be together as much.  In these women, I know that I have made lifelong friends!