First Day of Camp


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LG got her first set of golf clubs on the day she was born.  Yes, you read that right.  She comes from a long line of golfers and her Godfather is a golf pro.  The clubs arrived when she was a mere 14 hours old and she has been playing ever since.

Today LG starts golf camp.  This is a day she has been waiting for over the past 2 years.  When we joined our golf club, LG spent the summer watching the kids at golf camp and she wanted to go.  It was easy to explain that you had to be 6 to go to camp.  The kids were so much bigger than her and that was an acceptable answer to her.

Last year she was really bummed to see some of her buddies heading to camp while she still wasn’t allowed.  My husband and I spent much of the summer taking her to the course on our own, perfecting her skills watching her wack the ball here and there. I like to joke that golf will be her way to a scholarship in college, but she is actually good.

When sign-ups came around this year, my husband asked if we wanted to send her to camp.  We all did, but the registration form reminded us that she needed to be 6.  Ack!  Thankfully, our golf pro knows her and said that of course she could go.  I haven’t seen LG so thrilled in a long time.

For some reason this is BIG for me.  Sure, LG has gone to preschool for the last 3 years without me.  I drop her off every day and she rarely looks back as she runs into her classroom.  This is different for some reason.  I am sending her off with the big kids.  I am afraid they will treat her like a baby for being so young.  I am afraid that she will be much younger than most kids and won’t have a buddy.  Geez, I am a mess!

Truth be told, LG will be fine.  She could make friends with a wall.  She isn’t scared of the big kids and while they may find her to be an annoying “baby” she never seems to notice.  I love that she is a strong willed, confident girl.  I am proud of myself and my husband for the girl we have raised.  She is an amazing 5 year old.

Today, while LG walks off with the big kids I might shed a little tear, but then I will be off to find out information on college golf scholarships.  What????

A,B,C As Easy As 1,2,3


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My daughter will start kindergarten in the fall.  She can hardly wait.  I can hardly wait too.  She goes to preschool now 3 full days a week and LOVES it.  I am amazed at the things she comes home having learned.

I was a teacher before becoming a mom.  I am probably the opposite of how most people think I would be.  Actually, I think most teachers are.  I am hardly an overachiever when it comes to my child.  I haven’t pushed LG to learn one thing academically.  Everything has come on her own as she was ready.  If fact, at the age of 2 when she knew her letters and their sounds it came from the Letter Factory video and not me!  Shortly thereafter, all my friends were grabbing up the video.  What can I say, it worked!

With kindergarten fast approaching, I have been feeling pressure.  The pressure to get her to read, to do basic math, etc.  Then I discovered she already knew basic math….SCORE!  She can sound out lots of words but isn’t really reading yet.  She can write, in fact, she sits and writes word after word after word.  Going to be a writer like her mom?  Maybe!

I sat thinking one night and I realized…..I don’t care!

She will learn all these skills in elementary school.  She has a lifetime to read and do math.  She will do it when she is ready.  It isn’t as if she is behind at all.  All of my students who struggled with reading have all turned out to be amazing students.  They are great kids and even though it took them some time they got it and are fine.

I will not let the “mommy pressure” get me.  That is what it is, right?  The pressure to feel up to par with other moms.  At the end of the day I know that whether or not she enters into kindergarten reading she could still go to Stanford.  Besides, that is what the 3 weeks of golf camp she is going to this summer is for, right??????