We Have a Reader!!!


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As a former educator, I haven’t pushed LG to do much academically. I knew that she would learn in her own time and that by the end of kindergarten she would be reading.  I didn’t care if she knew how to read before because really????  We do have some starter reading books and we sit down and practice every so often for as long as LG wants to do.  The minute she is done, I put them away because I don’t want to burn out her love of learning.

When LG was 2 she knew her letters and all their sounds.  Before you think she is a genius, there is this great video called The Letter Factory!  Yep, she learned from a video!!!  Take that!  I used to laugh when people were so impressed that I worked with her because while we sang our A,B,C’s, etc. I didn’t do that much with her.  Around age 3 we moved on to the Talking Words Factory and she started learning to sound things out.  She also started doing this in preschool.  I watched her working to sound out words she saw and to learn to recognize common things like, “exit,” “push,” “pull.”  It made me happy!

Each week, LG brings home a book every Monday that they make in school.  Last night we sat down to read a few of her books she has brought home from school.  I was THRILLED at the amount she could read on her own!!!  Now, I have my panties in a bunch to set her off reading.  haha!  I am still going to try and take a back seat and let her guide the process but I think I am going to be a bit more proactive in getting her to help me read.

I want to foster a lifelong love of learning.  I firmly believe the way to do this is to let your children guide the process.  There is nothing like burning your kids out on learning before the are 5!

What Defines You?


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I have been thinking a lot about what defines me lately.  I have been looking for a full time job for almost a year now but after being out of the work force for 5+ years and being a teacher for 7 years prior to that, it is proving VERY tough in this economy.  You see….I can’t get a job that I am truly qualified for because I haven’t been working and some how that counts against me.  I can’t get a basic Admin job because I am overqualified and it really sucks.  I have thrown several tantrums much like my 5 year old does.

None of this would be a big deal except that I am dealing with some new obstacles in my life.  Thinks that I haven’t really talked about here because I don’t want them to define me.  They are not who I am, but they are what I am dealing with.  I am a newly single mom.  Yes, LG has a father who is very present in her life but he is no longer present in mine and that is really hard.  See why I need to work now?  Why I WANT to work?

Every day I am dealing with this new part of life.  It is challenging in more ways than one, but I am trying to not let it define me.  Can that really happen?  In my eyes, being a single mom is everything I am right now.  It determines the type of job I can have, the type of man I might date, where I will live…the list goes on and on.  Sadly, “single mom” is exactly what defines me right now.  I know that what defines us can change over time.  I am working hard to change my definition but it is painful.

What defines you?  What do you WISH defined you?

Technical Difficulties


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I was all set to post yesterday and then I could get into WordPress to do so!  I had a whole post laid out and then right in front of my eyes, LG created a whole new post.

We have been home for 2 days sick. I kept LG home from school and we have been watching movies, playing games and keeping warm. Truth be told, neither of us are home bodies.  We like to be on the go so staying home for 2 days was ROUGH!  LG has recently given up her nap (I know, I am lucky) but yesterday I needed one!  Thankfully she loves to have “quiet time” in her room.

Quiet time has taken some practice for us.  In the beginning, LG would come out of her room every 5 minutes for something.  It was totally defeating the purpose of having her in her room and was driving me nuts!  With in a few tries, she could stay put for about 15 minutes without having a question or needing something.  After a few more tries, I just starting saying no to her requests.

“Mommy, can you come here?”

“No LG, you have 15 minutes left” or “No, quiet time isn’t over, figure it out yourself.”

We have been doing really well the past few times and even though we don’t have quiet time very often, yesterday it was a must have.  LG was thrilled that she didn’t have to nap and went into her room very willingly.  I got her all set up with plenty to do, set the timer for 30 minutes and went to lay down on the couch.  She came out pretty quickly assuring me, “It’s OK mommy, I only have to go potty.”

I closed my eyes and relaxed quickly.  It felt good to just lay there.  I am sure that I fell asleep just as fast because pretty soon I heard, “Mommy?”  I woke up a little but ignored her because the timer hadn’t gone off and she knows the rules.

“Um, mommy?



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Welcome to POP’s little corner of the web!  We are happy you are here and ready to go on this ride with us.  Right now we are off and running with 2 bloggers and looking for a few more.  If you might be interested in blogging for us and you are a mom of twins or a parent of a child with special needs, drop me an email at lia@ponthep.com.

Monday’s you will find New Mommy Gina Perkin’s talking all about life with her beautiful seven month old.  What is it like to be a new mom?  What do you do with all the unsolicited advice you receive?  How is she getting back into shape?  If you are a new mom and you understand the pain of no sleep or the frustration that goes along with a new baby you will want to check her out.

Tuesday’s Lia Freitas will be here talking about experiences with a newly turned five year old daughter who is about to embark on the adventure of kindergarten.  Choosing a preschool or choosing a kindergarten, what is important?  Did you realize that a preschooler could throw such amazing tantrums?  Getting back into shape after falling off the wagon?

We are hoping that you will engage us with comments and questions.  We know the things WE are dealing with but what are YOU dealing with?  I am sure we have gone through something similar and it would be great to share and learn from each other.  What would you love to hear about?  Let us know!

As always, you can check out the Parenting on the Peninsula website for lots of great resources.