The Longest Week Ever


Posted by Gina Perkins, Pre-School Mommie | Posted in Gina Perkins | Posted on 31-05-2010

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Please forgive me if today’s blog reads a bit fragmented or sounds like ranting.  Today, writing is merely a coping mechanism.  It’s been one hell of a week, and as I gather my unwashed hair into a rubber band, I find it amazing that I haven’t yet pulled it all out.

DJ was diagnosed with her first ear infection earlier this week.  That was, of course, after her doctor determined that she was also getting her top teeth in.  Lovely.  Her bottom teeth had just recently broken through the gums, her top teeth were now making their way down, and she had a right ear infection.  Now, I consider myself to be an extremely patient person, and can even count on one hand the number of post pregnancy meltdowns that I’ve had – but this week, this week has been one for the books!

Not only has DJ been irritable and clingy, but she has also been on developmental turbo speed.  Despite her mild fever and restless sleep, she has decided that this would also be the week that she’d learn how to stand up in her crib, how to sit back down once standing up, how to scale every piece of furniture in our home, as well as how to roll onto the dog bed and antagonize our very old, very grumpy dog.  Our house has been hit by the perfect storm – teething, ear infection, and the ol’ nine-month growth spurt.  Awesome.

I am also realizing just how manipulative, eh – I mean, smart, DJ is.  During the two nights when her ear infection had reached its painful peak, I sat up in bed cradling her in my arms all night long.  It was the only solution to ending her tears and ensuring she got at least a few hours of sleep.  However, now five days later, she is still expecting to be held.  My husband and I never felt comfortable adopting the “Cry It Out” method, but we are feeling forced to tap into the strength and discipline that CIO requires.  DJ has our number, and we must win this battle if we are to ever sleep again.

Perhaps even more disheartening than the lack of sleep, the break in routine, the impossibility of time for myself or the unrelenting task of baby-proofing our home, has been the unsolicited advice received from other mothers this week.  I swear, it feels as though some moms just hide out waiting to surprise-attack me with their arrows of “wisdom” until they see that I’m weary and defeated.  I would love to be able to just state my current plights as a first time mom without being barraged by a long list of “have you tried this?” questions, or “what I did” suggestions.  Believe it or not, despite occasionally looking pathetically lost in this role, I usually have a pretty brilliant game plan about how to overcome our current dilemmas.  And trust me, my ego has been chipped away at enough since getting pregnant that when I don’t have a game plan, I am certainly not above pleading for advice!  Sometimes I just want a friend, not a walking Ann Landers column.

So, while I typically like to end every blog with a positive lesson, or a tremendously powerful insight – I am instead ending this blog with a statement of gratitude : I am tremendously grateful for copious amounts of dark chocolate.

Next week, I promise to be showered, rested, and much more optimistic.