Have You Ever Noticed…?


Posted by webmaster | Posted in Miscellaneous | Posted on 07-01-2011

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Have you ever noticed when a new year rolls around…

…that everyone powers down meals like no other and then pledges to lose weight?

…that the objects everyone so desired for months on end now sit on a desk somewhere in a room somewhere in the back of someone’s mind?

…that most of the time the holidays leave people so disappointed rather than wishing they could do it all over again?

I find myself wondering why this is.  The holidays are hyped aren’t they?  Before Halloween is over, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations line the shelves, prepping us for what’s coming months away.

We run around worried for weeks because we want to get that special someone that special something.

This year was extra difficult for me.  Funds have been tighter than ever before.  I find myself with three grown children, at different stages in their lives, a mother I don’t seem to see enough, and a girlfriend whose birthday falls on Christmas day.

Funds have never been tighter and the pressure has never been higher.  A great combo, don’t you think?

And yet the pressures are self made by the media and the guilt that comes with non-performance in this society, even in these hard times.

And so I continued to remind myself, and others, that it is not what we give or what we get that is important.  It is the time we spend together and the memories we create between ourselves and our family and friends.

I know the saying “You can’t take it with you” is way overused, but there’s a reason for it.  Our lives are cluttered and busy and designed to distract us from what is important.

And so, in my little way, I will strive, in 2011, to keep reminding myself that it is US that is important.  And I will reach out more and visit more and laugh with others more this year.  And WE will be happier because of it.